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Empowers you to effectively use your data and information in realtime to make insightful decisions

Bad Wolf solutions enable profit maximisation, realtime data capture and decision making, marketing intelligence, customer development, customer loyality and CRM for organisations, casinos, sports teams, retailers and many other businesses.

Operational Intelligence

Realtime Information for realtime decisions

Real-time business analytics that deliver visibility and insight into business operations.

Baseball / Softball

Know what to do to win

The solution empowered the 2013 Black Sox to win the world series with good information


Understand what's happening and increase your bottom line

Optimise gaming floor configuration, utilisation and profit. Maximise player behaviour and loyality and monetise it

Business Services

Improve your business & capture otherwise lost opportunities

Space, time, profit maximisation, customer loyality, player analysis, customer development, CRM & marketing 

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