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Industry Solutions

Bad Wolf solutions for casinos and sports teams enable data to be utilised in realtime for insightful and effective decisions

Industry solutions that give your organisation the edge and a significant competitive advantage

Baseball & Softball

"The Bad Wolf solution helped win the 2013 Word Series" 
Empowers a team with insightful information to win games, hit pitchers and minimise opposition batters safe hits.

The tool can be also be utilised in the dugout. Team tactics and player choices can adapt as the game progresses.

'Viz-a-ball' is a proven game and championship winner.  The solution gave the 2013 World Champion New Zealand 'Black Sox' the edge. 

Softball Legend Chub Tangaroa

Pictured; Craig Soper (Bad Wolf CEO and Black Sox 2013 Scout) and Chub Tangaroa (Black Sox legend and 2013 Battery Coach) after receiving the Halberg award for New Zealand's most memorable sporting moment; 'the New New Zealand 'Black Sox' winning the 2013 world series of softball'.

"The 'Viz-a-ball' solution Craig at Bad Wolf provided for the 2013 Black Sox showed us what we needed to do to win. It captured and stored all the game-play and player data and then we converted that knowledge into wins. The insights this tool gave us were invaluable and gave us the 'edge'." 

We knew what opposition pitchers were pitching and in what situation which helped our batting. Our pitchers pitched the spots where the opposition batters were not hitting.

An example is we asked the team what Adam Folkhardts (number one pitcher in the world for Australia at the time)  'go to pitch' was when he was behind on the count. The team said rise ball. The data showed he pitched an outside drop 84% of the time. This enabled the Black Sox to be better prepared and know what to do to win that critical quarter final game.

Casino & Gaming

Profit maximisation and optimisation by understanding your gaming and customer data in real time.

* Experienced in maximising Casinos' profitability
* Profit maximisation for your gamining machines
* Customer loyalty and player analysis
* CRM, customer development and marketing solutions
* Helping the Board set policy, strategy and leadership for their data and information

Casino Increases its Bottom Line by $200m pa

Our Managing Director's first casino client made a profit increase of $200 million in the first year alone. The three examples illustrate how Bad Wolf's Operational Intelligence Solution can benefit your organisation.

Customer Information 

The Customer loyality database was profiled into six statistically significant market segments then successfully marketed to.

1) One direct marketing campaign to 50,000 people achieved the same total response as had a mailer to 800,000 Melbourne customers and it cost less than 10 percent of the original.

2) In addition, by marrying up the customer information with other spatial data sets (ie census) we were able to identify people with the same profile who did not go to the casino (the majority living in the same area) and by some creative marketing and promotion the casino management were able to get them to the casino and make an additional $70,000 per day.

Gaming Machines and their Profitability

Improved the bottom line by $60,000 a day by understanding the wants and needs of the players and configuiring the machines to meet that. In today's world you need to have the 'product offering' that a client wants or they will spend their money elsewhere.

3) The most profitable room in the casino, which Crown said could not be improved upon was analyzed. The figure to the left collates and displays seven million lines of data (showing high net profit as hot  and low net profit as cold) and identified some startling observations. Every second machine was not performing but by changing the configuration from 16 line to 9 line we were able to make an additional $60,000 per day

KPIs like 'net profit' sliced/collated by time can be displayed in realtime allowing management to quickly adapt and optimise machines configuration and performance.

Maximise gaming floor profit and utlisation by using our solution to:

  • Optimise machine placement,

  • identify under performing machines instantly with our heat mapping tool (that our MD was an original inventor of), 

  • determine the ROI on machine purchases and your marginal/diminishing return points,

  • facilitate player loyalty and enhance player experience,

  • improve player loyalty and behaviour to find opportunities to monetise and get them to spend more.  

  • predictive forecasting analytics to determine player occupancy, utilisation, behaviour and match this with your assets, people and facilities.

Many other companies have copied the ideas and technology Craig and his team invented at Compudigm International, but they have not innovated or developed anything significant since he retired as Managing Director in 2001.

all your Information

Capture and utilise your oranisations information to provide insights for your team to make better informed decisions.

By consolidating all your data everyone, in particular management, are able to work much better together.

Bad Wolf Solutions enable potential opportunites to improve the business to be acted upon.

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