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Business Services

Providing business services for operations management and the board

Our business is your business

Business Services

Profit maximisation and business optimisation

Realtime operational and business Intelligence

Customer loyality and player analysis

CRM, customer development and marketing

ERP consulting and solutions

Big data utilised, analysised and made ready for you

Space, location, time and situational solutions

Custom business analysis and software development

Board strategy and policy for data management and information

Operational Intelligence

Operational intelligence (OI), sometimes called real-time business intelligence, is analytics that deliver visibility and insight into business operations. It is an approach to data analysis that enables decisions based on the real-time data that companies generate and use on a 'day to day' basis. Operational intelligence technology is primarily targeted at operational management and staff who need timely data to do their jobs.

With OI, analysis can take place in tandem with business processing, so that problems can be spotted and dealt with sooner than with conventional 'after the fact' business intelligence (BI) approaches. It enables the creation of a performance and feedback loop in which decision makers can analyse what’s happening in the business, act upon their findings and immediately see the results of those actions.

all your Information

Capture and utilise your oranisation's information to provide insights for your team to make better informed decisions.

By consolidating all your data everyone, in particular management, are able to work much better together.

Bad Wolf Solutions enable potential opportunites to improve the business to be acted upon.

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